Aiming for Excellence Through Faith and Learning


Take a look at what Ofsted said about us during our inspection. Click the links below.

Inspection Date 31st October 2012, 1st November 2012

"Pupils are at the heart of this caring school. Their behaviour is good. They are courteous and respectful towards staff and each other."

"Pupils feel safe and happy in school and parents unanimously agree this is so."

''Attendance has improved from below average to above average in this school year.'

''Pupils supported by the pupil premium and those with special educational needs achieve as well and often better than their peers.''

''Standards and progress in Key Stage 1 have improved sharply over the last two years because of better teaching. Progress across Key Stage 2 is now beginning to accelerate, as staffing has now stabilised.''

''The Catholic ethos pervades the school, which provides a warm, welcoming and calm environment for pupils. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is strong through the many opportunities within the school and the religious programmes of study. This ensures that the school is a harmonious community and demonstrates the school’s commitment to equal opportunities. ''

Quotes Taken from Ofsted Report Published 24th June 2014.